In Order For The Concept Home "Open Plan" Is Not Problematic

Today, the House open plan themed or open is increasingly becoming a penchant, especially for young couples. The range of activities they can do together in one space.

On the concept of open-plan, one space is indeed "carry" several functions. Therefore, the use of space are likely to be effective and allow the existence of home-sized petite.

However, the adverse effect of the decoration in this open setting makes the separation of one space and other space is often unclear. To that end, the following tips may be helpful for you who want to create open plan themed decor will no longer be a problem. The key, you simply need to divide a room according to their functions by utilizing the other thing outside of the construction of the wall.

Imaginary boundary

First, create a difference space with high ceiling is different. This concept is similar to the concept of difference is high floor. Ceiling height difference being "imaginary boundaries" space.

The placement of the light

Don't forget to put the lighting makes the difference high ceiling the more interesting. In addition to the height of the ceiling, the ceiling material differences are also able to create a "dividing line" space. You can choose a ceiling made of gypsum, multiplex, wood, bamboo, cloth, and glass. However, make sure you provide proper lighting. This function makes the difference in illumination materials as the center of attention.

Separation spaces

In addition to "game" the ceiling, don't forget to still make a room in your House flows. Avoid making the separation of spaces using color difference of paint the walls are too drastic. Combine different colors, but are complementary. For example, combine white colour with yellow ivory, or color and the color of dark coffee mocha.

The use of paint

For the room slightly cramped receiving sunlight, you can use a semi-glossy paints that are able to reflect light. Instead, you can use a matte paint that is too large for the space.


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