"Naked" Floor Full Of Color

Exposed concrete floors or cement floors used to be one of the characteristics of a simple House. Without the need to cover other, cement floors tend to be cheaper. In addition, an economical flooring alternative is also strong against a power press.

No wonder, currently exposed concrete floors are no longer the "belonging" simple home. Bring the exposed concrete floor as the floor thus can make a home seem edgy and modern.

However, homeowners with exposed concrete floors often encountered some obstacles. Crack, break out the hair, and the Moldy becomes a "subscription" on this floor.

For that, you can address the problem soon cracked by plamur hair. You can also use a product specifically for instant cement patching cracked hair. If you have already broken out, it's good You destroy the damaged areas first, and then clamp with new mortar.

In addition to these problems, the cement stucco floor typically also become more slippery. You can rub the ashes sprinkled in places like slippery terrace. vulnerable That way, you and your family need not fear slip.

Lastly, don't just take care of Your floors "naked". Create your floor more beautiful. Here's how the broom and MOP floors, and clean. After that, use coconut fibres used (take santannya) and rub it all over the floor. Let the dregs for 30-60 minutes, and a broom. Repeat this process every two weeks. Your floor will be smooth, slick, and darker colored.

(Source: 101 tips for Correcting and taking care of the House 200 creative ideas Surrounding House)


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