Blue, The Color Is Repellent And Disease

Blue colour, known as color bearer of coolness and calmness. More than that, it turns out this color also has a variety of meanings and effects.

As reported by on, one example of the effects of the presence of the blue color in the House is capable of being a means of healing. Here's another function use of blue according to the site:


The population of ancient Egypt and China do kromoterapi or methods of treatment of diseases with the use of color. This process is often known as light therapy or korologi.

To date, kromoterapi is still used as one of alternative medicine. One of the modern kromoterapi, Edwin intepreter Babbitt, in his book written in 1878 The Principles of Color Therapy say that Blue Ray is one of the world's best antiseptic. Babbit believes, the color blue can reduce disease and treat pain.

Other articles offered by the site also says, that the stone lapis lazuli blue also bring peace in our hearts. This was confirmed by the opinion of June McLeod.

June is the author of the book Colors of the Soul. He agreed, that brings the power of blue is soothing, especially sky-blue. Use blue lights is capable of creating a soothing bath.

Blue blood

The society of ancient Egypt using the stone lapis lazulli to dye clothes Royal members and clergy. This color signifies their status as gods. Therefore, it is not surprising if the use of these colors can give the impression of luxury and class.

The power of keeping

Residents in some areas of Europe also believes that repainting doors, stairs, railings, and the exterior of the House with the blue color of the resident able to keep bad things. In 1932, Robert m. Gerard, a psychologist from California made a research looking for light effects on blood pressure. The research he did in New England hospitals.

In the study, he puts the workers in a hospital in glowing blue and some red. As a result, they are exposed to red light have higher blood pressure.

To this end, there is no harm in you use the color blue that impressed "cold" in your room. Seimbangkan the colors with wood accents to give a bit of warmth.


In addition to the bedroom, another room that fits you give blue colour, especially for those of you who are on a diet, is the dining room. The color blue was able to suppress one's appetite. Because, our agency translating the color blue as rotten food so that it is automatically the "fool" us not to eat more.

Add creativity

According to a study conducted by the University of British Columbia in 2009, the blue color add to our ability to think creatively. Thus, matching blue you use for learning and working space.

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