Banish Ugly Hockey House Facing East

There is still a way out for you who have a House facing towards the East. The House overlooks the East does not always bring hockey or luck.

"A great Way to position the House is precisely the direction North and South," said Yohan Suyangga fengsui expert on talk show Improves the Feng Shui in 2013 with Chrystal Chandeliers in showrooms Medici, Bellezza Shopping Arcade, Jakarta, on Friday (30/1/2013).

According to him, determines the position of the House depends on the direction of the main entrance. If the South-facing building houses, but the House facing East, then your home is considered to be facing East.

"If the House facing East, put the pot or Crystal Red in front of a balcony or fitting inside the House near the entrance. Better yet, You put a pair of peacocks or painting a pair of peacocks are there, "Frank Yohan.

"Artificial red flowers are also great for neutralizing the energy," he added.

Many people choose a House facing East, because a House is considered to be able to give a fairly early morning sunlight. Yohan is not it. shook off the But, that's the direction East contention.

"The longer the more prosperous, it's the reason many people opt for the East," he said.

Yohan says, a House facing East will not be a problem if homeowners make sure his home is bright, especially at the front of the House. In addition, it should be ascertained as well arranged home page.


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