Are "hidden" Space that you Miss?

Feel your home is too small and confused on where to store your stuff? Try to view the contents of your home again. Most likely, you skip spaces are "hidden" to be used as a storage area.

Secrets of the House neat stuff is piled up without having a place for each item. Try looking at the space, the area around the wall, stairwell, the area around the ceiling, attic, and the remaining space around the page or next to the House. Both indoor (indoor), or outdoor (outer space) you can take advantage of as a storage space.

The places you can set open and closed storage location. Generally, open storage in the form of book shelves, glass cabinets, and the surface of the table or sideboard. In the meantime, closed storage includes cabinets, sideboard, cabinet, construct file and storage boxes. However, you can also put a closed storage in unexpected locations. One example, a cupboard under the stairs.

You need to know, that the "storage boxes" need not always be a cube or a closet. You can use the coffers, baskets-baskets themed rustic, or other objects. These items will be double, i.e. one to decorate and store.

In addition to the two types of storage, there are two types of storage space again. The first convenient storage. This only saves the storage place of goods that you will use in the room. One example is the kitchen cabinets for storing pots and utensils. Give the bulkhead or shelves in the kitchen cabinets that can hold more stuff.

However, a convenient storage does not always require a closet. You can use the area around the perimeter of the sink to put your cooking needs.

Other storage types are remote storage. This type of positioning in the outdoors, or outside the home or garage shed likes. Typically, this storage is specifically used for the items that you use very rarely.

One more tip for you. Make sure your storage shed light, especially if this warehouse storing goods your efforts. In addition to the ease you conduct an inventory, obviating the pests, and theft, according to feng shui ahlli Yohan Suyangga, bright light on the warehouse can bring hockey on your efforts.

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