Wooden Houses, Residential Inspiration Budget of the Kosovo War

War and disaster like a coin has two sides. Among the tragedies that result in loss of life, material, and profound sorrow, the war also brought new innovations.

Wooden Houses Kosovo War

Man forced to continue to live within the limits of its capabilities. So is the tragedy that occurred in the Kosovo War in the late 90's. The war left so many casualties and displacement height.

Wooden Houses Kosovo War

Meanwhile, according to the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, there are currently over 33 million refugees worldwide. In an attempt to provide decent housing for refugees, a unique invention is the answer.

This solution is already long enough to find, precisely in 2000. However, it could not hurt "to bring" back the idea of ​​making this house to the surface.

The solution involves a wooden base which is used for shipping freight. The U.S. produces 700 million such wooden base each year. As many as 150 million base timber ends up in landfills.
Apparently, two seemingly unrelated data, i.e. the number of refugees and production base timber; a project has been carried out. The purpose of the project is to reduce the amount of waste while providing decent shelter for the refugees.

Wooden Houses Kosovo War

The trick? Of course, to make a wooden base into a permanent home can be occupied by the refugees.

The house of the wooden base measuring only 3 meters x 6 meters. Every house that size requires only 80 base wood nailed or glued.

Tarpaulin is used as a coating on the basic structure of the house. Tarps are used to prevent water entry into the house. Tarps will only be used to debris, rocks, mud, soil, wood, or metal from the surrounding environment can be collected to fill the wall cavities and cover the roof.

Wooden Houses Kosovo War

For areas that have extreme weather, the timber will be assembled together with the cork insulation to reduce the impact of bad weather.

As a result, this project won Honorable Mention in the competition for the design of transition for the refugees of Kosovo. The project proved that a team of four can make the person who is just home from simple carpentry tools. Furthermore, the workmanship is also only takes a week.
"Palette of Homes Project was originally created as a temporary shelter for refugees who wish to return to Kosovo after the war," said one poster.

Wooden Houses Kosovo War

"These people need an alternative to a tent. Solutions can be potentially as a permanent home after some time occupied, even without the use of sophisticated tools to build it. This has been our goal to develop the project as a more permanent housing solution," he said.

However, he added, not only to refugees from various disasters, but also as a solution for homes costing anywhere affordable. This home can improve the quality of life, environment, society, and even inspire diplomacy among some cultures around the world on a larger scale.

"This palette is multifunctional, recyclable, sustainable, and easy assembly. Moreover, in general, the aesthetics are also satisfactory. These houses can be easily available on a large number of countries. Heavy shipping and raw materials of this house can be ignored because coincided with the delivery of food, clothing, or other assistance, "he said.

Wooden Houses Kosovo War

According to him, the simple structure of wood panels in the project is able to evolve naturally from emergency shelter to permanent house with the addition of some materials such as debris, rocks, dirt, mud, plaster and concrete.

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