Caring for Furniture "Knock Down"

The beauty of a house applies in interior design and in particular spatial arrangement. While care is the most essential furniture in a house.

Beauty or aesthetics is an important factor in a home. Without beauty created by furniture, decorative elements to paint the walls, the house will look monotonous.

knockdown furniture

Creating beauty in a home does require creativity. For example, knockdown furniture, durability is usually limits about 6 to 7 years. Especially for sofa is usually only 5 years old.

Of course, you have furniture that will be durable resistance depending on how the furniture is to use properly. To be owned furniture durable and long lasting, you should note the following:

No damage to the floor
You should be more careful when rearranging the items you have. Caution is needed when moving furniture so as not to damage the floor or the furniture itself. In move furniture, it is better to use pad like cardboard on the bottom.

knockdown furniture

Use handyman
Knockdown furniture is the kind of furniture that is easy to be overhauled and is in accordance with those of you who frequent relocation. For large knockdown furniture builders still need to unpack, such as wardrobe, bookshelves, and a workstation or office systems.

Not difficult to treat
Caring for knockdown furniture in fact not too difficult than treating furniture from solid wood. Simply by using a slightly damp cloth when cleaning.

knockdown furniture

knockdown furniture

Note the location of the furniture

Avoid placement of furniture knockdown on the wall, because it can lead to damp and moldy furniture. In general, knockdown furniture from particle board material. Such materials can inflate after the floods.

knockdown furniture

knockdown furniture

Well, if you want the furniture durable and long lasting, treat as possible. Avoid things that can damage furniture or other elements in the house.

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