Remember, Asymmetric Does Not Mean Poor!

In designing the interior of the home, most people try as much as possible to make a symmetrical design. Either that when displaying the painting on the wall or set the table.

asimetris room design

However, it makes a symmetrical design is not easy. There is always a "space" that makes it seem rigid symmetrical design and unpleasant.

asimetris room design

Actually, you can freely determine the composition of the decorations in the house without having to be glued to the symmetrical shape of the design. Do not believe?

One easy example is when you want to hang works of art, both paintings and photographs. You sometimes difficult to determine which image should be displayed and how to display them. Here are tips for you:

asimetris room design

First of all, the key to display the artwork on the wall you are sure, that the work has a "relationship" with him. The relationship is not only in the area near where you hang it, but also the entire space.

After finding the red line between the selected artwork and the room where the artwork will be on display, you have to remember, that you do not have to always put the artwork right in the middle of your wall. Try to put it off-center or slightly shifted to one side.

However, if you want to experiment in your bedroom, try to hang paintings on one side of your bed. For example, in one of the top of the nightstand. Try to just put a picture on one side.

asimetris room design

Only by placing it on one side, your room will look unique. The relationship between works of art and other elements should be easily understood by others. For example, you use a color-matching and color matching between the furniture in the room and artwork.

asimetris room design

Indeed, the key is you dare to mix shapes, sizes, and textures. For example, you can combine a very large painting (oversized) with several other smaller paintings on the table decoration.

Create a composition that can make your walls look more "light". Do not forget to let your creative "flow".

asimetris room design

You can also create the effect of "seesaw" by displaying the works of painting or photograph with a slightly different size. The trick, put one of the pictures is a little above the other image. This will create the effect of "movement" and balancing "heavy" visual.

asimetris room design

Another example is when you want to decorate a coffee table with a bit of decoration. You do not need to be glued to the set decoration in the middle of the table. Try switching to put some vase or ornament on the right side or left side of your desk. Remember, the asymmetry is not that bad!

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