Living Room Ideas to Create Your Unique Space

 Living Room Ideas and Makeovers 

Living room ideas are easy to come by. They’re everywhere.

Just look on any home decorating website, online magazine (e-zine), in-store magazine or watch one of the many decorating and design programs on TV. (There’s probably an app for it too, but I’m not that iPhone savvy.)

If you do a Google search for ‘living room ideas’ there are about 88 million web pages that you can choose from.

There is so much information available on the subject. So, why it is still a difficult decision to take these photos, tips and advice for living room decorating and make them work for you? 

 Your home, your living room, your lifestyle, your budget....all of these things are unique to you. If you look at a hundred photos and websites, and watch just as many DYI shows on TV just filled with living room ideas, none of them will exactly match your needs.

So what do you do? No worries! 

My advice to you, as well as my design clients, is to first determine what YOU need in YOUR space, by answering a few simple questions.

1) What is your budget? I know, a simple, boring question.
And, it’s not fun to think about the money. It’s more fun to think about buying things, painting, arranging furniture, etc.
But do it anyway. Decide how much money you have to invest in your living room project, before you get excited about purchasing something.

2) How do you use this room? Traditional use...informal...TV or no TV...children?...aging parents?...pets?...multi purpose function?..none of these?

I have seen living rooms with pool tables in them, living rooms used as dining areas, home offices, etc. 

Decide how your living room best fits your lifestyle and make your decisions from there with regard to the type of flooring, wall color, furniture fabric...right down to the lamps and end tables.

So before you determine that you absolutely need a new sofa, two side chairs and a set of end tables/ coffee table, give yourself a little time out and answer question #2 honestly. You might come up with a totally different direction for the space.

3) What furniture stays, what furniture goes?
Be realistic about answering this question and you will have a solid starting point for your living room design, or living room makeover.

And, how you answer this question is a direct result of your response to the first two questions as well. Your budget and lifestyle use of the living room will dictate how much furniture, if any, you will add/replace.

I’m always an advocate of using what you have first, particularly if you are decorating on a budget.
And, the furniture doesn’t have to be in the living room at the moment. 

Take a look at pieces in other rooms of your home and see if they might have a new purpose in your living room.You can create a fresh look with existing pieces by moving them around your home.
 Living room decorating and design ideas

Now, here are three things you should NEVER do when considering living room ideas.

Find out what they are by reading more about Living Room Ideas

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