Guest Post - Keep Thanksgiving Decorations Simple and Stylish

The holidays are fast approachingand soon the scent of turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie will permeate theair. It is a time for retrospect and giving thanks for the good things in life,but also a time of celebration where decorations are in order.

Instead of wasting time and money on inexpensive dollar store honeycomb turkeysand resin pilgrims, create classic and beautiful thanksgiving decorations withlittle to no trouble. Thanksgiving decorations are not highly commercial, butthere are ornamentations that are easily made. Thanksgiving bridges the periodbetween the beginning of fall and Halloween and ushers in Christmas and otherwinter holidays. Celebrate it with stylish decorations in fabulous fall colors.

Color Choices
Fall and Thanksgiving occur the same time deciduous trees start to change fromgreen to earth tones including gold, orange and red. They create a starkcontrast with the forest green of pine trees. Use brown, yellow, orange and otherearth tones in Thanksgiving decorations or go bold and add navy, forest green,burgundy and even a dark purple. Take advantage of complementary andcontrasting colors pairing dark blue with orange or try forest green andpurple. Yellow's contrasting color is purple and complementary colors are greenand orange. Instead of yellow utilize metallic gold colors. Red is complimentedby orange and purple. Red's contrasting color is green, which is more aChristmas combination, so try to separate them until after Thanksgiving.

Keep It Simple
Thanksgiving decorations do not need to be complicated. The cornucopia is atraditional Thanksgiving symbol that represents plenty. Cornucopias are easy tofind and made from many different materials. They are made from grape vines orbasket material and are usually inexpensive yet stylish. Fill the cornucopiawith artificial fruits, vegetables and nuts and place it in a place ofprominence on top of a bed of preserved leaves. If a cornucopia is notavailable just use a basket and fill it to the brim or lay it on its side withthe harvest falling out. If a more dramatic, elegant decoration is desired,spray paint the artificial fruits with gold, bronze and silver spray paint.

Cover end tables or dinner tables with Thanksgiving theme fabric that has theraw edges stitched under. Cover plain sofa pillows with fall flavored fabric.Throw a few colorful gourds on tables to give them a splash of color. Removeregular curtain tie-backs and replace them with fall inspired ribbon. Placepreserved or artificial fall leaves under the regular bowls or nick-knacks thatusually style the room. Hang Indian corn or corn husk wreaths from doorsfestooned with big orange ribbons.

Most Thanksgiving decorations are also suitable for Halloween. Turn ceramicjack-o-lantern faces to the wall and keep them up until the end of November.Keep the orange twinkle lights aglow all through two months. Instead of usingorange bows on wreaths and Indian corn, use burgundy ones and use them on Christmaswreaths. Place burgundy or forest green candles on a plate covered withartificial fall leaves for Thanksgiving and replace the leaves with evergreenboughs for Christmas. Fill a large glass container with small gourds,cranberries and nuts and replace the contents with Christmas ornaments later.

Keep decorations simple to allow for extra time needed to prepare Thanksgivingdinner. Reuse decorations for either Halloween or Christmas to minimize storageand use what is available to save money and avoid a cluttered look. With just alittle effort there will be less money spent and more time to socialize withfamily and friends during the holiday. 

Submitted by Elliman Real Estate: Featuring NY apartments.Written by Julianna Lundblad (@juliannanyc)

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