Identify The Type Of Stain, Just Select We Have Cleaning!

Before beginning to clean up, it's good you recognize first the type of stains to find out the exact type of cleanser. Clean the home furnishings could not arbitrarily, especially if you have young children.

Likely you will often encounter splashes and splashes of stubborn stains-on your furniture. Stain cleaners often contain solvents that are able to describe chemical substances. Water can dissolve sugar or salt, but cannot dissolve the oil. If your furniture is exposed to water-based stains, you can use soda water and soapy water.

Emulsifiers or surfactants stain containing pengelmusi. Surfactant lining stain and lift it from the surface.

Corn starch can also dissolve the oil. One example of emulsifier is dishwashing liquid.

Microbial stain contains enzymes to break down the stain molecules. He digests protein and fat on the stain. Examples of these cleaners is chlorine and boraks. Because it is able to digest proteins and fats, it is microbial stain can clean the blood and chocolate.

In addition, there is a penyamar stain. This cleanser is not able to clean the stain, just disguise it.

Meanwhile, liquid bleach and SOAP has the ability merefleksi back light, so the stain appears to be biased and not seem clear. Although only disguise stains, other sources reveal, that the liquid bleach (bleach) is able to remove stains caused by coffee and tea, especially in clothing. If after washing clothes still appeared once the stain, don't wait to dry and repeat the process of leaching.

Finally, you can use a natural stain. Use vinegar on the stain smell unpleasant. Vinegar can remove food stains.

The trick, pour vinegar over the stain, wash foods with plain water. Baking soda also works well for removing stains. Mix with water to form a paste and apply it on the stain. Then, rinse off with plain water.


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