Sofa "Marshmallow", Unique and Smooth in Family Room

Sofa in general have nearly uniform shape. Not surprisingly, the form does follow function as a sofa seat is padded and can accommodate several people at once.

 Sofa  Marshmallow

However, the actual shape of the sofa that uniform can be "processed" in the hands of the designers that have a more unconventional. Designers from Japan, Kei Harada, for example, makes a sofa shaped like a marshmallow.

 Sofa  Marshmallow

In the hands Harada, a sofa is like to answer the question, "What form that naturally invite someone sitting here?".

 Sofa  Marshmallow

Harada made ​​a couch with the name Sofa O'Keefe. Sofa combines form balls. Each ball is made of organic sterofoam two foam and covered with elastic fabric. These balls are all attached to a wooden frame that serves as a joint for each pillow.

 Sofa  Marshmallow

"Although the sofa is not specifically made ​​for children, children seem to intuitively understand what I mean to describe the movement through the sofa," said Harada.

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