Home Decorating Books Make Great Holiday Gifts

Home Decorating Books can be a great holiday gift, and nowadays there are a number of options for the readers on your Christmas gift list!

For the traditional, "I want to feel the paper in my hands" reader, Interior Decorating Books will be the place to go. You'll find a great variety of selections that include general decorating help, interior decorating styles, all about color, holiday decorating, and much more. Easy to purchase from and many are very budget friendly.

Some folks would rather have convenience and speed of access, so there are a couple of options here.

First, home decorating E-Books, which are quick and easy to give. Just make you purchase and provide the link via email to the recipient. Not for everyone, for sure, but you know those on your list who would enjoy an 'instant' book online. Save it to the desktop and use it as an ongoing resource.

Then there are the Kindle lovers...anyone I know who has a Kindle absolutely LOVES it!
I've put together a little Kindle store right at, just for you.
It contains a number of home decorating and design selections (I chose them, of course) that I think you'll enjoy perusing.

It's very simple to give a Kindle book as a gift, too. As you check out at, you'll see an option to purchase as a gift. Check out the Kindle Shop at Great Home Decorating.

Okay, you've got some great holiday gift take a minute and cross some names off of that list!


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